Traveling Tuesday – Camping with Kids!

My husband and I packed up our girls last Friday and headed to the mountains for a Father’s Day weekend camping trip. There were originally going to be three other families along with us but they decided that threatening thunderstorms and a low of 40 degrees at night was reason to stay home cozy in their beds! My husband, however, is from Colorado. He scoffed at 40 degree weather being cold and said that our family was packing up and heading out! I have to say I was a bit reluctant… I am a California girl born and raised – Northern, so I can take a bit of dampness, but definitely not cold and definitely not with a three year old and a 9 month old!

One of the best things about having a Dodge Sprinter (one of those huge cargo vans which my husband has for work) is that you can fit EVERYTHING into it plus the kitchen sink — and trust me we did! Besides all the extra clothes and wipes that you all suggested (thank you very much!), we also brought our full sized barbeque, bike, futon mattress, scooter  plus all the camping gear that is needed.

There was four items that I brought thinking that they might be over the top but I am SO glad that I did. First, the toddler potty for the middle of the night bathroom needs. I put in right next to her makeshift bed and she was able to get up and go – best thing ever! The second essential was the baby tent. We were able to put the baby in it while we were setting up camp, making dinner, etc and she was happy to play in here and I didn’t have to worry about her eating dirt/twigs/etc…  I am just not that relaxed of a mom. Finally, and we probably could have done without this, is the booster seat. We were able to plop the baby in it and get her fed while working on our dinner – awesome! Another item that was totally not necessary but very fun for the three year old? Her Adirondack chair with umbrella that I recently got for her.  The umbrella provided hours of entertainment!

I am sure that you can do this kind of trip without half the stuff we brought, but it sure was nice to have some of the comforts of home in the woods!

Happy summer traveling!

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