The Flying Dad

My dad turns 65 years young tomorrow. Not satisfied with
having a nice meal, or a celebratory drink, he has decided to shock the pants out of all of us and throw himself out of an airplane…though thankfully wearing a parachute.
My paternal Grandma had the brain disorder Alzheimer’s. I can only remember her with the disease and while my brother and I had a lot of fun when we were young, laughing about how she would call my dad by the wrong name, didn’t know who we were and would study the back of the table mat as if reading a really good book. It is only now that we are older we can see that it must have been very painful for my Dad to watch her deteriorate.
So, in order to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK (or to try to avoid the disease in a very drastic way!) He is willingly going up into the skies tomorrow morning to launch himself out of said airplane.

Good luck Dad and Happy Birthday!
We are proud of you.

If anyone would like to donate please click here

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