We are currently in Denmark with the family. The City has been buzzing with coverage of COP 15 ‘The Climate Summit’ and its been very interesting to listen to all the news broadcasts about the decisions being made (and not made) by so many world leaders all gathered in little Denmark.
On Friday, unlike a usual day at the office, Mr Obama kept us waiting. First we waited for hours to hear President Obama’s speech on Danish TV and then in the evening after seeing Eddie Izzard in Sweden we found the bridge between Sweden and Denmark closed for a short time while Obama’s plane took off from Kastrup airport.
Denmark has always been a very green place to live. To be honest, it was a bit of a culture shock for Ronnie and I, when we first arrived in the U.S to see how people lived; Tumble driers on constantly, air-conditioning pumping, huge cars. However, I think things have changed in the last few years. We, like most people we know are steadily becoming more conscious of how we live and how we consume – electricity, gas, products.

For most, this last year’s economic climate has only strengthened this. There is irony in that silver lining!

Giant Globe in Raadhuspladsen

Coca Cola Poster Designed by Andrew Bannecker

What Global Warming?

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