Google’s April Fools Jokes 2011

As Bebe au Lait’s ‘web guy’, I have a bit of a love affair with Google. Not only do I live two miles away from their campus in beautiful Mountian View, CA, I use their service literally dozens of times a day, everday, whether it is searching for information, checking stats, or other wonderful Google-esque things.

Every April 1st is an exciting time as we can be sure that Google is going to pull a few jokes on us. Let’s take a look at what they’ve set up for us today…

The Helvetica/Comic Sans gag:

Helvetica is a font that designers swoon over. It’s simplistic, good looks and versatility make it a staple in every designer’s toolkit. It is the epitome of classy. Then, there’s Comic Sans. The font that everyone loves to hate. On April Fools, if you were interested in finding out more about Helvetica, Google thought it would be fun to mess with you by showing the search results in Comic Sans. Nice one, Google!

Google Helvetica Comic Sans Joke

Hiring Autocompleters

One of Google’s cool features is the autocompletion function. While you’re inputing your search query, you’ll notice suggested searches based on what you are typing. Little did you know that Google has people behind the lines with the ability to type at 32,000WPM doing those autocompletes for you, and guess what? They’re hiring! Get more information at the official job posting!

Blimp Advertising: Google’s main product is an innovative advertising platform known as AdWords. AdWords users are a happy bunch because Google is always innovating to deliver the best results however possible. It was an exciting moment when Google announced that AdWords users can now show their ads on Google’s own fleet of blimps that fly over cities, sporting events, and even during meteor showers. Become a Beta tester for the new program set to launch in May right here.

Google Blimp Ads


GMail Motion: Have you ever wanted to gesture to your computer to get it to do stuff? Google has made it possible in GMail. Simply gesture to your computer’s camera to have GMail perform various actions, and even type out commonly used phrases. You may feel ridiculous doing it, but watch as your colleagues are in awe of your amazing productivity. Give it a try here today! Also, don’t forget to download the handy PDF guide to all of the gestures.

Old Time YouTube: Do you have a nostalgia for the good old days of vaudeville? You’ll love YouTube’s new “1911” function that will give your videos that old-style look as well as provide a wonderful new piano soundtrack. If you add annotations to your videos, they’ll be shown in the style of the great acts of yesteryear. Have a look at one of Bebe au Lait’s own videos in the 1911 format!

YouTube 1911

Oh Google! In addition to being one of the most admired American companies, they’re a fun loving bunch that knows how to have a good time. If you want to read more about some of Google’s pranks, head over to the Wikipedia page about the subject

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