Chic Tech: The Apple Macbook Pro

New Macbook Pro

New Macbook Pro

When it comes to computers, whether desktop or laptop, no one makes them as pretty as Apple. In October, Apple released their newest laptops, the Macbook and Macbook Pro.

The beauty of this new computer comes from a new manufacturing process. Traditionally, laptops are made by building an internal structure, then designing a pretty exterior which attaches to the internal frame. It’s a tried and true method, but for Apple, not quite satisfactory anymore.

New Manufacturing Process Is The Key…

The new Macbooks and Macbook Pros start their lives as a solid brick of aluminum. From there, the aluminum brick is carved by machines and lasers to form both the internal and external structure of the laptop. When assembled, the new Macbooks are uber-sleek. No screws, and no strange pieces of plastic, rubber, or metal protrude from the body. In addition, the all-aluminum body makes this computer about as sturdy as laptops come. There is no squeaking or flexing when you pick it up. The new Macbook Pro is truly an engineering and aesthetic marvel.

Plenty of Power…

Of course, don’t let the pretty exterior of these laptops trick you. Under the hood, this laptop features the best components and hardware available. From the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors to high-end Nvidia video, this laptop packs enough punch to do graphics, video, and recording, as well as 3d gaming with ease. Coupled with a spacious hard drive, plenty of RAM, built in wi-fi, and camera, this is a full feature laptop that can do pretty much anything.

We LOVE this: A revolutionary trackpad

Does it get better? Of course! The trackpad on this laptop is the most advanced ever designed. In addition to being huge (compared to the tiny trackpads you see on many laptops), it recognizes several gestures to perform unique tasks. If I use one finger, it operates like most other trackpads. When I use two fingers on it, I can scroll up, down, left and right within a document or webpage. With three fingers, I can go back or forward in a web browser. With four fingers, I can show my desktop, show all of my application windows, or switch applications. In addition, much like the iPhone, I can pinch photos to zoom out, and reverse-pinch to zoom in. I can also rotate images by using two fingers, and rotating them on the trackpad–much like adjusting the volume on a stereo. The trackpad is also buttonless, or more accurately, the entire trackpad is the button. Very, very cool…Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

The Screen’s the Thing

The screens of these laptops also deserve a mention. These have to be the best looking screens ever made for laptops. The secret behind the screen’s excellent picture quality is the use of LEDs. Think of it as using millions of tiny light bulbs. The result? An extremely bright screen that can be used in the most extreme of conditions, including in direct sunlight. Of course, it is also very accurate. No more yellowish whites and greyish blacks. This screen is also environmentally friendly: It contains no mercury or arsenic, is light on power consumption, and is completely recyclable. In fact, the entire laptop is the greenest laptop ever made, earning a gold rating from the Environmental Protection Agency’s EPEAT system.

Mac OS X

Lastly, no Apple computer is complete without the signature operating system, Mac OS X. Apple calls it the world’s most advanced operating system, and it’s hard to disagree. Picture the reliability, stability, and efficiency of Linux, coupled with the feautres of Windows, then add in the legendary Apple user-friendliness, and you have OS X. Truly the best of all worlds. OS X has too many features to mention here, but I guarantee it: Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back. If you’re used to Windows (and most of us are), the switch may seem scary, but I can say with great confidence that once you’re used to Mac, your PC will end up on eBay. Of course, this is the 21st century: If you can’t live without Windows, all Intel-based Macs can run Windows natively.

No one will deny that the new Macbook Pros are more expensive than the average laptop, but they are also more stable, more powerful, more beautiful, and much easier to use than any other laptop available. At Bebe au Lait, we’re all about the chic and elegant, and the Macbook Pro gets our vote for the most chic and elegant laptop on the market.


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