Monday Morning Routines

Monday morning.

A challenging day for most of us.

With memories still fresh of sleeping in, fun and exciting activities, or even just relaxation, getting out of bed on Monday morning is especially tough. Most people, however, have developed their own special routines. Let’s take a look…

There seem to be two different philosophies regarding Monday morning routines. There is the “Start off with a bang” tactic, and then there is the “Ease into the week” approach.

The “start off with a bang” people tend to put a lot of energy in to their Mondays. They may start off with a workout or a written to-do list, or even a hearty breakfast. The goal is to start with a bang, and let that energy drive you throughout the week. There is no time to waste, no time to sit still. You have your list, and the goal is to act upon it with gusto.


  • Get a lot done quickly


  • Difficult to get going initially
  • Sometimes the energy is hard to maintain throughout the day

On the other hand, you have the ease crowd. These are the folks who recognize that Monday is a day to get re-oriented and make baby steps to full productivity. You might take some time to reflect on what you’d like to do this week, or look to other sources for inspiration. Instead of insisting on knocking out the toughest tasks immediately, the ease in to the week crowd might spend some time on social media or news sites getting information or networking.


  • Less stressful


  • Easy to be unproductive
  • Time can get away from you

Whatever routine more closely resembles your life, one thing you’ll probably have in common with the other routine is the consumption of some sort of caffeinated product. Or, maybe not. Whatever your Monday morning routine is, the most important thing is that it works for you, and you’re better off because of it. If you’re finding yourself having a hard time getting in to your week, maybe it’s time to examine how you work on Monday, and come up with a new routine…you’ll love yourself for it.

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