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Valentine’s Day is about sharing love with your loved ones, whether by sending a card, buying a gift, or simply by letting the people you love, know you love them! We have selected a few ‘Things we Love’, to inspire your gift giving + enjoy 20% off from February 10th through February 15th. Simply use promo code VDAY17 at checkout.

Snuggle Blanket:
Researchers recently found that women need to be hugged once a day for their health! I’m sure this is true for most of us, so when you can’t physically be there, the next best thing is our Snuggle Blanket – so soft and cozy, it feels like a real-life hug.
Alternative uses: great for trips – bringing something familiar from home to sleep with can help to settle a restless little one.

 Hooded Towel:
Pair one of our fun hooded towels with a rubber duckie and you will have just about the best gift for your little valentine! Bath times will be more fun, little heads will be warm and little bodies will be swaddled in a plush, water-wicking wonder!
Alternative uses: Perfect for the pool and great as a cape while running through the sprinklers!

Nursing Cover:

What says ‘I love you’ more than breastfeeding? Nothing. So treat yourself to our pioneering product, the nursing cover. Multiple feedings, all day long, in perfect, serene privacy. No matter where you are or who you are with (hello, father-in-law!) baby can concentrate on feeding and you can gaze at your little darling, while marveling at what a great job you are both doing.
Alternative uses: Excuses: “I’m sorry, I can’t help with those dishes – I’m nursing”, we won’t tell. Seriously; wear over a baby carrier to protect from sun or wind.

Car Seat Cover:

Designed to stay-put, to protect baby from wind, rain and over-zealous visitors. The cover will not blow in baby’s face waking them from their much needed nap – a gift in itself!
Alternative uses: a full length zipper allows the cover to open completely and snaps at the back secure the cover open when baby is awake.




Valentine’s Day is almost here

Valentine's Day Gift Guide & Giveaway

They say that the smaller the baby the bigger the amount of gear the little bundle of joy requires. The same is true for every new and expecting mom. If you are looking for the perfect gift for her this Valentine’s Day, here is our curated list of items that she sure doesn’t want to be without.

  1. Simple Nursing Pillow & Slipcover ($35/ $20)  & Wet & Dry Bag, Petit/ Grand ($14/ $20)
    The Bébé au Lait Nursing Pillow and Slipcovers are the perfect match for the new mom. The pillow offers the perfect height, is double-sided and is loaded with extra features that make this pillow the one mom will not want to live without.
    Also included are our Wet & Dry Bags, which are generously sized and offer  2 pockets – one with water repellent lining and one additional pocket for all other mom essentials. These diaper bag essentials will help mom to stay organized while on-the-go.
  2. Organic Belly Bandit ($69.95)
    New moms everywhere have come to love the Organic Belly Bandit.  This pink, organic compression wrap provides incredible support while helping new moms reduce their belly, waist, and hips post-delivery.
  3. Cornelia Teething Bracelet ($16.50) & Perry Teething Necklace ($36.50)
    With modern styling, this necklace and bracelet set from Chewbeads looks just like anything you could find at a major department store, but they have one big difference, baby can safely chew on them!
  4. Be Classy Tote ($150)
    Constructed with feedback we received from our amazing customers, the Be classy is Ju-Ju-Be’s very first structured tote! It’s organization pockets, memory foam changing pad and Teflon treated material are just a few of the wonderful features that make the Be Classy the ultimate Diaper Bag!
  5. This classic silhouette by Ingrid&Isabel combines pretty stretch lace in a party-ready maternity dress. Offering a feminine neckline balances, this form-fitting silhouette expands and recovers with your changing shape and is the perfect choice for for parties, weddings, sprinkles and showers.
  6. COMPLETE Embossed Carrier ($170)
    The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carriers combines more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier.  The Embossed collection is as comfortable as it is stunning. Featuring our ultra-soft, light and highly breathable microcloth with embossed designer detailing, and suede cloth to wrap you and your baby in pure luxury.

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Valentines Day – New Mom Giveaway