You ARE Mom Enough.

What a day it is, for all breastfeeding moms.

With TIME magazine’s controversial cover sparking discussions all over the country, via social media, in mommy groups, even at the water cooler, it seems to me that breastfeeding really is, finally, having its day.

Does the cover go too far? Does it hurt the reputation of breastfeeding more than it helps? How old is too old? Should a mother cover up? It’s interesting to me how much time, effort and emotion people devote toward deciding whether what someone else does is right. It’s not just society, it’s even other moms. There’s not a single mother that I know who hasn’t felt judged by another mom because of a choice she’s made as a parent.

My issue with the cover isn’t the photo. It’s the title. “Are you Mom Enough?” My answer is yes. Yes I am mom enough. I might not adhere to all aspects of attachment parenting. I might not have breastfed as long as I could have. I might have covered up while nursing when others thought I shouldn’t, or not covered up when others thought I should. But my daughter loves me, and I love her. And she’s happy, and she’s healthy and growing and she makes me proud of the mother that I am every single day.

I am mom enough- and so are you, Mamas.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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