What’s for dinner Wednesday – The “New” Sloppy Joe

My little girl LOVES sandwiches. It actually works out very well, considering her mom and dad are constantly on-the-go, but sometimes, even a kid who loves sandwiches can grow weary of the standard PB&J or Grilled Cheese. I recently picked up an AMAZING little cookbook that I wish I had found earlier, called The Petit Appetit.

I wish I had found it earlier because it lays out delicious, organic recipes by age and stage, from beginners (4-6 months) to explorers (6-9 months), the independents (9-12 months), the movers (12-24 months), the shakers (2-3 years) and the connoisseurs (3-4 years).

My little “shaker” loves the “Sloppy Janes” — The Petit Appetit’s organic version of the Sloppy Joe. Yellow onion, green bell pepper, mushrooms, organic ground beef, tangy barbecue sauce and herbs and spices turn into a fun, messy and delicious dinner. (Nothing that our Quib can’t handle!) These sandwiches literally take 20 minutes to prepare– and for me to say something is quick and easy is REALLY saying something!

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