Lost in motherhood

Me and My Beautiful Baby Boy

My current life consists of diaper changing, breast feeding, and comforting a cranky infant. Alright, alright, it also includes baby coos, sweet smiles and nuzzles from an extremely cute two month old boy. So why can I only focus on what I can’t get done? How about I give you a little sample? I am now lousy at responding to my friends emails. I forget to RSVP to important events in my friends lives. I didn’t know my girlfriend had stopped working in October. I forgot to pay the mortgage, don’t worry they aren’t going to foreclose on my house, but I now lack the time to get the bill paid…and I use bill pay, so technically it is a click of the button. How is it possible that I haven’t done it yet? I honestly don’t know. These are just the trivial things I haven’t gotten to, and don’t get me started on my career that is also currently on hold with no definite time frame of when I am going back.

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