Health Care Reform

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We’ve been talking in the office this week about the Health Care Reform and the inclusion of rights for working, breastfeeding moms. Employers are to provide a ‘non-bathroom area’ in the workplace for the mom who needs a quiet, private place to pump breast milk. Regular (unpaid) breaks are also to be allowed until their baby turns 1 year of age.

We don’t currently have any breastfeeding moms at the Bebe au Lait offices, so we talked about previous places of employment and the provisions for this important time in a new mom’s life. Pleasantly, we seemed to agree that in our experience U.S, as well as U.K companies are way ahead of this law.

For more reading on this part of the Health Care Reform go here and for more reasons to breastfeed go here. And please send us any stories you have of breastfeeding/pumping in the office.

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