Parenting in an over-connected world

One of the many fun aspects of working in the baby industry is that I get to read lots of articles and blog posts on motherhood. This morning, though, I found myself tearing up while reading an article by Rachel Macy Stafford of The post was titled “How to Miss a Childhood” and it explores all the ways that parents miss special moments and opportunities to connect with our children because we’re busy “connecting” with the world on our SmartPhones.

I’m not one for games or apps on my phone. But I’m known to check email constantly. I am also known to check Facebook about three times an hour, waiting to see updates from family back home in Massachusetts. It’s become almost a ritual, and I guess in some way it makes me feel less far away from the family and friends I have back home- so the motivation behind it is good (I think). But I know that I miss things with my daughter because of it. There was one line that really hit home:

If you… “*Carry your phone around so much that when you happen to leave it in one room your child will come running with it proudly in hand—treating it more like a much needed breathing apparatus than a communication device…” then you could be missing your baby’s childhood.

Harper has done this- many times. By the end of the article, I vowed that I will get better about this. Thanks Rachel for the wake-up call.

What do you think about the post? Do you recognize yourself or friends or family members in any of these situations? Pass the post along, and share your comments and thoughts here or on the original post at

Here’s to a fun and “hands-free” weekend with our babies!

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