My 3-Year Olds Can Operate an iPhone

iphone_screenshotI watched my son pick up my iPhone last week, turn it on, and swipe his finger around until he found the App I had downloaded for my kids (Firefly) and play it. I was fascinated by this because I’ve never specifically taught him to do this and I don’t really want my phone to be used as a toy. I was also kind of proud that he was so technologically comfortable. Then his twin sister grabbed it from him and ran away so I had to intervene. 

It occurred to me that there are some devices that do make parenting and family-life easier and that I rely on them more than I realized. Take the iPhone which is now loaded with five Apps for pre-schoolers that I use to keep them occupied when we have an especially long wait somewhere and I need them in one spot. My other favorite is Skype. We live many states away from our family and friends but use Skype Video Skype Screen ShotChat to check in with them at least once a week. We even opened Christmas presents to the kidlets over Skype Video so my parents could see them open their gifts. It meant a lot to all of us and made the holidays more holiday-like even though we weren’t actually in the same room with our families.

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