Hollywood is Hip to Bebe au Lait

It’s true, celebrities sometimes get to shop at events where they are chaperoned and guaranteed privacy, and the rest of us have to shop the standard ways. However, they still choose which brands and products they like and when it comes to their children, they’re extra sensitive about what they’ll use and specific about why they like it. With a boomlet in Hollywood, we are hearing from a lot of celebrity moms lately! At the Boom Boom Room (the day before the Golden Globes, in LA) we introduced Hollywood to Bebe au Lait’s new, exclusive patterns and all of the benefits of our innovative new Double Bibs and even had fun talking about parenting.

Once children are ready for solid foods, protecting their clothes–during snacking, meals and in the washing machine–means finding a sizable Bib without scratchy closures. Most of the celebrities I met had a Bebe au Lait or Hooter Hiders cover IN their diaper bag and were eagerly anticipating our entry into the next stage of their parenting lives. The Double Bib and All-Purpose burp cloths were adored for their simple, chic designs and beautiful style. More than a few celebrities even commented about our high-end cottons that could withstand a lot of use, travel and washing rendering them right for an eco-minded lifestyle where quality and craftsmanship are more highly valued than disposable, poorly crafted versions of something similar.

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