Fashion Friday – Mommy Hair

I LOVED what pregnancy did to my hair. I had traditionally kept my hair pretty short, but the influx of hormones did something when I was pregnant that made my hair grow really fast and look super healthy (I hear that the prenatal vitamins helped as well!) I heard about the postpartum hair loss that occurs for most mommies after pregnancy, and I was lucky enough to avoid that for the 9 months that I was breastfeeding (another benefit!), but once Harper self-weaned, it happened. And I spent the next 6 months wearing a ponytail. And even after that, I ended up chopping it all off, which resulted in the “Mommy haircut” that so many of my friends before had adopted after baby.

There are lots of benefits to short hair, the first of course is that its faster. The biggest issue I had with my hair when it was long was the time it took to dry it. And next was Harper’s tendency to wrap it around her little fist and pull. (Ouch!) I imagine that these are the top two reasons that Mommies have for deciding to go short.

Despite all those benefits though, there’s just something really youthful looking about long hair, which makes me want to regrow mine. Mommies- did you cut your hair after baby? Did you end up regrowing it? What were the reasons you had for cutting or keeping your locks?


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