Commemorate Moments

I don’t love the words push present but I like the idea, and beyond just the birth of your baby. I like to commemorate big and special moments in life with jewelry–not always uber-expensive, but special pieces for special moments. I have a diamond ring I wear on my right pinky, as did my mother and my grandmother. It’s been passed down for three generations. I have gold hoops that a dear friend gave me when my life was confusing and she wanted me to feel special again. I have my first Tiffany piece (a silver necklace) that I bought myself when I finally got a promotion I had been gunning for. The list goes on, including this ring I just made from one of my grandmother’s vintage earrings (more on that in a new post, coming soon).
My point is two-pronged: (a) as a stylist, I am always reminding clients that jewelry is a wonderful expression of who they are and a beautiful finishing touch to even the simplest outfits; and (b) jewelry with a story and a memory can be a powerful and uplifting little moment in your day. I like being reminded of the day my children were born (bracelet) and that my grandmother was a professional pianist (the right hand diamond ring) and of my wedding day (ring).

One of my favorite pieces was a gift when my twins turned one–that was a HUGE achievement! It was from Hot Mama Designs and has the kidlet’s names stamped on two disks. I love it. And I like the real deal kind of stuff–hers are still custom and hand-made in Boulder, CO, not a machined version of her great idea.


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