Halloween Costumes for Kids

As Halloween gets closer, parents are frantically finding the biggest pumpkins, deciding whether to give out chocolate bars or raisins, and picking out the cutest costumes for kids. We recently posed the question on our Facebook page, and came up with the following…


Kids love animals, so why not dress as one for Halloween? What kid wouldn’t love to have an elephant’s trunk, a bird’s wings, a monkey’s tail, or a tiger’s stripes for a day? Animal costumes allow kids to dress up as creatures they like, and at the same time, stimulates their imaginations as they mimic animal behaviors and sounds. Animal costumes are also a great opportunity for children to learn more about the animal kingdom in a fun and informal way.

Mythical Creatures/Fictional Characters

Similar to animals, mythical creatures are also great fun. Centaurs and Dragons are popular choices for little boys, and girls love to dress up as Mermaids or Fairies. Related to this, kids love to dress up as their favorite cartoon, movie, and literary characters. What better of a way to open up the worlds of fiction and mythology to your child than through a Halloween costume?

Inanimate Objects

This category of costumes is always exciting. Some kids think a little different and don’t want to be an actual living creature, but instead be something that they like. Nothing is more adorable than seeing a trick or treater show up to your door as a piece of food or the moon. The creativity that goes in to these sorts of costumes is always a joy to experience and be a part of.

Dream Jobs

Some kids just can’t wait to be grown-ups, so they dress up as they see themselves in 20 or 30 years. Every year, there are plenty of little police and firemen, doctors, mad scientists, astronauts, athletes, cowboys, and business people. Sometimes little girls join in the fun, and dress up as princesses and movie stars. What a great way for kids to learn about being an adult without all of the pressures that come along with it!

Extra Credit: Coordinated Costumes!

To take your Halloween costume to the next level, why not coordinate with your family? You could dress up as a famous family, or swap roles. One great idea we saw on our Facebook page was a family where the kids dressed up as fish, and the parents dressed up as fishermen. Kids can also dress up as their favorite duos or trios. You can also play with the idea of dressing up as two things that go well together. The only limit is your imagination!

Halloween is such a fun time for everyone. Kids love to carve their pumpkins, and dress up as their favorite things. Families can have a great time together by coordinating their costumes. Have fun and be safe from everyone at Bebe au Lait!

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