The Bebe au Lait Bib Gets Lots of Praise

In just 6 months, the Bebe au Lait Double Reversible Bib has become a highly praised Mommy Must-Have. Our bib has earned an iParenting Media Award for its innovative design, practicality, and chic prints.

We can tell you all about the unique 4-sided design, the easy and clean magnetic closure, and the one-of-a-kind prints. We can even talk all about how it’s machine washable and how it fits both babies and toddlers with ease.

Of course, we really want you to see what other people are saying about the bib…Have a look!

Mama Speaks: “It’s a total winner with me.” (

Posh Little: “…it’s from BeBe au Lait so you know it will be stylish!” (

Celebrity Baby Blog: “This is the kind of product that any parent can appreciate.” (

Posh Mom: “This bib will beat your slobbiest kid at his own game” (

Haute Mama: “Genius!” (

Baby Snazz: “my toddler LIKES this bib” (

A Mom Who Loves Reviews: “I love how it’s so versatile” (

The Shopping Mama: “The Reversible Double Bib is straight up cool.” (

Here’s Mr. Big himeslf, Chris Noth with his Mint Chocolate Double Reversible Bib!

Want to see more? Here is a video of a news segment, our bib is about 4:15 in.

Check out our Double Reversible Bibs for yourself at Bebe au Lait!

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