What to do when your toddler takes over your bed?

It’s a decision that every parent needs to make for themselves (and hopefully, your partner comes to the same decision that you do): will we let our children sleep in our bed?

I’m not necessarily talking about the early decision of whether an infant can/should sleep in bed with parents (co-sleeping). I mean when your child is older, has their own bed, and wakes up in the middle of the night expecting to climb into bed with his or her parents.

I’ve known many parents who draw the line- you have your own bed, with your own Mickey/Firetruck/Princess/Pony blankets- you should sleep there. I’ve known lots of other parents who allow their kids into their beds and typically complain about the lack of sleep that comes with that decision- we’ve fallen into the latter category as of late.

In fact, Harper has slept in our bed for at least a portion of every night for the past 3 weeks or so. Is it a phase? (She’s 2-1/2). How long will she continue? Since we have no idea how to answer any of these questions, we found ourselves with another interesting question recently. We’re in the market for a new bed- do we opt for a bigger size now that we’re accommodating 3 people every night instead of 2?

For us, the answer was yes. We opted for a California King size bed (we had a Queen before). When it came down to it, since we both work full-time, we decided that if our girl wants to be around us during the overnight hours, we want her to have that option. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to try to get her to sleep in her bed though- we still plan to put her to bed in her room every night. But it’s nice to know that when she does her mid-night bed-hop, we’ll all have enough space to still get a good night’s sleep.

How about you, mamas? How did you handle your little ones’ bed takeover schemes?

Side note: that hilarious image above is from a web site called howtobeadad.com – some really funny stories on there about the adventures in parenting- just wanted to give credit for the image.


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