Toddler Time – Dragons, Snakes and Pirates- OH MY!

For the past 2 weeks, our little girl has woken up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason. It always comes at about 3 am- and she always asks to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed for the rest of the night.

I’m not really sure what causes these mid-night wake ups. This is a totally new trend for her. She used to sleep through the entire night (Yes, I know I’m very lucky!) Sometimes, when she wakes up though, she says things like “The snake bit me!” or “The dragon bit me!” or “The pirates, Mommy- the PIRATES!”. I have no idea where 2 of these 3 nightmares comes from though. First, she’s never seen a real snake. And I’m pretty sure she’s never seen a real dragon. Also- she’s never seen a snake or dragon even in a book or show or movie (though I know where the pirates come from…which became obvious when she said “AND CAPTAIN HOOK!” one night).

Besides cutting “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” out of the rotation of weekend treats, I’m not sure what to do about her nightmares. Since I have no idea where they’re coming from, it’s not as simple as skipping a certain book or a certain TV show. Its odd to me that she somehow 1) knows about snakes and dragons and 2) has enough of a knowledge of them to know that they’re scary things, and yet I don’t know where she was exposed to them. I’m not even sure removing these things is the right way to handle the situation, even if I knew how to remove them. I just tell her that there are no snakes in our house and that there’s no such thing as dragons and Mommy and Daddy will always keep her safe. It seems early though, for her to be having nightmares.

Is this the average age that these things start to happen? What were your kids afraid of at 2 years old?

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