Toddler Time – Change is Good…Right?

I knew it was coming. I knew EVENTUALLY, my daughter would either need to go to pre-school, we’d move, or some set of circumstances would occur where we’d have to change childcare providers, but I kept pushing that idea away, saying, “well, that’s way off”. Well, “Way off” has now become “next week”.

My little girl’s last day at her current daycare is this Friday. She’s been attending this home daycare since she was 12 weeks old. She’s had the same little buddies for close to 2 years– they’ve grown up together, been the closest thing to siblings that she has had (so far), and on Friday, I’m expecting her to say bye to them, because we’re moving and she’ll be starting at a new daycare next month.

I’m feeling so conflicted about this– really worrying about the whole situation. Will she be scared at the new place? Will she ever be as comfortable there as she was before? Will she make close friends the way she had before? Will she miss her friends and the daycare owner and ask for them? How can I explain the situation to her? What can I possibly do to make this transition easier?

My husband is falling on the other side of this coin, saying that kids are really adaptable and that change is good, that she’ll fit right in because there will be other kids around and I’m stressing out over something that will work itself out. By the way, this is always the case. I constantly worry about her… for everything. Is she the right weight? Is she sleeping enough? Do we read to her enough? Does she get enough outside time? This transition worry really is just another thing to add to the list but it’s weighing on me more than usual, probably because I feel like I’m forcing this situation on her… it’s our choice to move, and that choice is causing this “life change” to occur for her. And I’m freaking out a bit.

I’d love to hear about other people’s experience with this kind of change.  What can I expect? What is the best way to help my kiddo through this transition?

Ah, the joys of parenthood… Just learning as I go!

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