Some New Breastfeeding Statistics

Some interesting breastfeeding statistics were recently released by and; two websites dedicated to providing information to mothers about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. To get this information, conducted surveys on their website, and collected information on over 10,000 women.

The findings were fascinating. For example:

  • 54% of moms who participated in the survey reported that they believe mothers are pressured to stop breastfeeding before they would like. Interestingly, only 46% of women overall believed the same thing.
  • 30% of women without children that answered the survey believed there was too much pressure put on mothers to breastfeed. Also, 22% of women without children believed the best time to stop breastfeeding was 6 months or younger.
  • 64% of mothers are embarrassed to breastfeed in public, yet only 23% refuse to breastfeed in public under any circumstances.
  • 57% of women without children reported that they feel uncomfortable watching a mother breastfeed in public. 20% of the women without children responded “Ewww, in private please!”
  • Mothers were more comfortable than women without children seeing a mother breastfeed in public, however, roughly 25% of mothers still had an issue with nursing in public.
  • More than 20% of women without children believed that formula can keep a baby just as healthy as breast milk, 18% of mothers had the same belief.
  • 56% of first-time mothers reported having trouble breastfeeding, while only 40% of mothers with more than one child reported having problems.
  • 91% of new mothers who had problems breastfeeding sought the help of a breastfeeding coach or lactation consultant.

Many of these findings seem reasonable. Naturally, women who do not have children would be more likely to hold views about being a mother that are in opposition to what many mothers believe and experience. One very positive statistic noted was that a similar percentage of women without children (80%) and mothers (82%) held the belief that ‘breast is best’. To get the full story, read the press release!

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