Miracle Blanket

Tiny little miracles.

Admittedly, I was skeptical. This had to be a gimmick. Like the teddy bear with the sound of a human heart-beat meant to mimic an in-utero environment for baby (my babies must have been screaming in-utero, because that was the environment created by this somewhat creepy-looking bear). Another “promise to make your baby sleep” product, that was really just a blanket. Even the name –Miracle Blanket – a joke, right?

I was several weeks from delivering my fourth baby when the package arrived. I saw the return address and knew it would be something good. My girlfriend Jen is a notoriously great gift giver. So I was surprised when I opened the envelope to find a pink “Miracle Blanket” inside. I had just given away an entire Rubbermaid tub filled with blankets. My three older children shared in my disappointment. “It’s just a blanket, mom.”

MIracle Blanket

A few days (and sleepless nights) home from the hospital, I finally opened my Miracle Blanket. Maybe my first-time mom friend knew something I didn’t. The pictured instructions had me laughing out loud. The little baby shoved in a pocket with her poor arms tucked tightly beside her. Each picture shows further confinement marked by a bigger smile on baby’s face.

I laid the blanket on the bed. Pinned Jase’s arms at her sides. Tucked her tiny body in the pocket. Then began the long wrap around her middle. She looked like a mini pink mummy. I placed her in her basket and went to sleep. At 3:30 am I awoke in a panic. Had I missed her feeding? I checked her basket and there she was, still sound asleep and all wrapped up – a tight little bundle of baby.

The design is simple and entirely unique. The online instructional video may conjure images of a straight-jacket, but once wrapped, babies appear quite comfortable. And there is something to the routine of it as well. At about 6 weeks old, Jase would smile whenever she saw her blanket. And now she even laughs out loud as I pin down her arms and wrap her body. She looks so happy to be going to sleep.

At nearly four months old, I fear Jase’s run with the miracle blanket is almost at an end. But what a good run it was: she dropped her first feeding at 2 weeks, slept 8 hours at 4 weeks, and most nights gives me nearly 9 hours before her first feeding, then returns to sleep for another 3 hours.

Maybe she’s just a good sleeper. Or maybe miracles do exist.

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