Mama Monday: Sleeping with an almost 11 month old and three year old!

I don’t think I have had a decent night’s sleep in close to four years. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but probably not. My girls are only two and half years apart. I had about six months in-between pregnancy/breastfeeding and getting pregnant again. We planned this so I knew it was happening but the funny thing about kids is that even when you plan you have no idea what you are getting yourself into!

Here is my current situation and I happily solicit any and all recommendations. The baby is still nursing throughout the night! Ok, before you judge, let me give you some background: My girls share a room and it is a lot easier to have one baby up in the middle of the night than two. So we have not tested the “cry it out” method as we did with my first daughter because of the baby possibly waking up the three year old. However, mama has just about reached her limit and if I don’t get some sleep I don’t know how I am going to continue to function. This is how a typical night goes….

Dinner/bath/bed – sounding pretty familiar I am sure.  My husband (when he is not traveling for work) usually takes the three year old for teeth/hair brushing, story and bed. Most nights she goes to sleep but sometimes I will have to lay down with her for “one minute” after I get the baby down. As my husband gets the three year old down, the baby and I lay on my bed and I nurse her to sleep. Wondering where the problem is? It starts anywhere from 11:30 pm to 2:30 am. The baby wakes up and starts crying. I drag myself down to their bedroom and retrieve her so she won’t wake her sister. I have tried to nurse her quickly and lay her back down but she always wakes up and starts crying as soon as I put her down. So now I just bring her back to bed with me…. Yes, I can hear the tongues clicking at this. I nurse her back to sleep in our bed and she falls asleep….For like, 15 minutes and then it starts again. And again. And again… This continues until the alarm goes off or our three year old comes in to wake us up.

Obviously, my quick fix solution isn’t working for anyone. I am not sleeping, the baby is not sleeping and my husband may be pretending to sleep but probably isn’t. How do I get this baby to sleep in her crib through the night?

Proof that she does sleep….

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  1. This sounds so familiar! I also have 2 daughters… The oldest is 26 months and the youngest is 7 months. My girls also “will be” sharing a room but, now I too scared to put them in the same room together. My youngest sleeps in a portable crib in my room… but… honestly she ends up in the bed with my husband and I because it’s the only way I can get her to sleep. I end up nursing her what seems to be all night! There have been a few nights that she is up every hour. I can get anywhere from 2 hours to “maybe” 6 hours of sleep a night. I think most are about 4 hours of broken sleep. I just try to not think about it.

    I have been brainstorming with the little brain power I have left about options… one was to have my oldest sleep in our room one weekend/week (hopefully shorter than longer) while I sleep train the younger one. I could also put my oldest in a guest room while training if needed.

    Another option was to just see what happens over a weekend that we can maybe have family help out the morning after so we can get some sleep if it’s a sleepless night.

    I hope someone can help us! We can’t be the only ones!

  2. My eldest is 2 and youngest is 8 months. I, too, need advice! We moved into a bigger place just so we can move both to their own room. I think I’m the worst: we co-sleep with both babies! The bigger one sleeps on his own now and I weaned him after his 1st year, once I fond out I was preg w/ our 2nd. Now I’m starting to wean the younger one and he feeds about 2 times during the night. We’ve been trying to come up w/ ways to transition them to their own room but how do we do this without going crazy or having the police be called bc of the noise? The older one, I think, would be easier to transition; but once we do, how do we deal w/ the younger one? Yep, we’re in similar boats…

  3. I know I will be in this boat sooner or later. I have a four year old girl and a two month old boy and for now they have to share a room. My son is sleeping from about 8 pm to 3 or 4 am which is GREAT! But there is going to come a time when I need to sleep train him and I have no clue as to how I’m going to accomplish that feat. To top it off we have a tiny house so even putting our daughter in our room just across the hall isn’t going to help anyone get any sleep.

  4. I have a 27 months old boy n a 5 month old girl. When my boy was younger he isnt a good sleeper .. Rarely he sleep all the way into the morning .. Recently it got better by lastin till 6 plus am .. He sleeps in another room since 20 plus month before the baby was born

    My girl Goes goes down between 8 to 9 pm thru latching … Good day she last time 2-3 am n I need to latch her n put her back in her cot which is in my room … By 5-6 am she will make noise n after a latch she doesn’t fall back into sleep so easily unlike the earlier round .. So o have resorted to latching n sleeping together on my bed till she Wakes up at 7 plus

    So I need to at least wake up 2-3times a night to settle either one … I guess I just have to go thru it until both sleep thru the night … My son only had better sleep pattern recently at 2 plus .. So I am not surprised if the girl stil wakes at night

    I can’t put them together in the other because my girl is a very light sleeper even at night

    Probably when my other room is vacated I wil try to put the girl in the other room

    The idea is to make them soothe themselves back to sleep n not help them but I have always help them in case they are so awake in the middle of the night which makes it worst

  5. Try Dr. Jay Gordon’s method, it worked for me… good luck! Ultimately what you want is that the little one learns to go back to sleep without nursing, once you accomplish that the rest is easy..

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