Did I really just say that?

I always used to think that my mom was so crazy when she would call me by my sister’s name or even worse by one of the dog’s name. But now that I have reached motherhood myself, I realize that crazy doesn’t exactly explain it. As a mom, you have (at minimum) five to ten simultaneous thoughts going on in your head at all times. These of course range from (as I try and write this so many things just zinged through my head that I was temporarily rendered paralyzed), I digress. Did I feed the dog, the baby, the three year old? Does the dishwasher have clean or dirty dishes? Did I run it last night? Have I changed the baby’s diaper oh no, did I get the 3 year old on the potty yet? I probably don’t need to continue with this train of thought as I probably just got you spinning off in your own, did I remember to…

But as I was saying, how “crazy” my mom was and how the apple has now not fallen far from the tree. My sister and I would also laugh so hard when our mom would tell us to get into the bathroom and wash our teeth and brush our face…this would of course have us burst into hysterical, sometimes maniacal laughter that would then produce something even funnier out of our mom’s mouth! Now, you all know where this is going…I of course, being completely sane and never having a crazy moment (huge lie here) have never said something like this to my daughter! Just the other night I heard my husband chuckling as I said to her, “now get into the bathroom and wash your teeth and brush your face.” I looked at him like he was daft to be laughing at me until I realized what I had said….yes, I am officially a mom now.

There are postings all over about the silly words/phrases that your toddler and preschool age children say but what about the gem of quotes that we could trade with each other? I have said so many things to my daughter that I crack myself up. Just this morning, we were leaving a store and I had the baby on the cart and the three year old was walking next to me, I turned to her and in my mind I said, “hold onto the cart or my hand please.” That wasn’t exactly what came out, what I said was, “Hold onto the curb please.” Huh? The three year old looked at me like I had lost it and my Grandmother (who we had taken to the pharmacy) was giggling and shaking her head with that Grandmotherly fondness.

This is only going to get worse I think. And instead of being scared of it, I have decided to embrace it. I want to call out to all you mamas and instead of telling us the cutie saying your little one did, how about your mama ditty for the day. I know it will brighten my day!

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