Mom deserves the best!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we have gathered some ideas and inspiration not just for the perfect gift but also the other little details that show her that she is special. Because we all know that when it comes to the little details, like a sweet card or a unique gift wrap, it just elevates what ever is inside that little token of affection. Wether you are looking for something for your deserving mother, wife, grandmother or best friend – here are some ideas that will be sure to make her day!


1. customize your gift with unique, printable gift wrap. Get these beautiful designs in coral here >

2. We can never have enough family pictures around the house. This DIY picture cube is easy to make and a decorative way to display some of her favorite family shots. Get the tutorial here>

3. Check out this sweet and elegant pendant from Kate Spade and get it here> for the “Queen Bee” in your life.

4. And don’t forget the card! This trendy letterpress card has a tongue-in-cheek message and is hand printed in sunny California. Check out these and other Mother’s Day cards here>

5. Take her to a class at Sole Cycle for Mother’s Day. Sound weird to take that deserving mom in your life to an exercise class? Not really when you get Mimosas afterwards!

6. No Mother’s Day is complete without some flowers. If nothing else – this is a must-get. These beautiful pink Peonies are a delightful (and safe) choice for any mom.

7. Our modern and stylish nursing scarf in Malibu makes the perfect gift for a new mom in search for a stylish breastfeeding accessory. Get it here >

And if you still need more ideas for ALL those deserving moms in your life, be sure to check out our Pinterest board for many more crafty, stylish and unique gifts.

Earth Day – the kid’s way.


Earth Day is fast approaching and all month long we have seen people, businesses and organizations showing their support and efforts in different ways. Teaching our children about the responsibilities we have for our planet can be fun and educational at the same time. Here are a few fun ways to teach them about “reduce, reuse and recycle” in a kid-friendly way.

1) Growing plants in up-cycled containers. For a “how to” guide on how to make these fun and individual planters, click here>

2) Looking for a family friendly science experiment? Try this “Oil Spill Cleanup” scenario and launch a hands-on cleanup effort with your kids. Click here>

3) Do you have a builder and inventor at home? Build this wind powered car together – made from recycled materials – and see where their imagination takes them next. Click here>

4) And here is another vehicle powered by an “alternative energy source”. For this Rubber Band Racer, click here >

5) Take a closer look at Mother Earth by making one. If it’s for a party or to decorate a room, here is how you do it >

6) To appreciate nature we need to get outside. Have your kids collect things they find beautiful or interesting and then turn them into neat little treasures with these “nature prints” made from air dry clay. This and other fantastic ideas are featured in the book “The Garden Classroom” >

7) This has to be one of my favorites, because it combines crafts and science and results in a decorative masterpiece (sort of). Try it for yourself >

8) Paper-making is an ancient art and the perfect excuse to get your hands dirty. Here is how to do it > And for additional “earthiness” add flower or plant seeds to the paper and watch the creation grow. Wheat grass seeds are great, because they grow so fast, even an impatient toddler can stand the wait!