#shopwithbebeaulait Giveaway & Sneak Peek

We have big news and are celebrating with a BIG GIVEAWAY!

This is an exclusive preview for our soon-to-be-released 3-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover and it’s your chance to win one of them, PLUS all these essential new baby goodies from our friends at Plum Organics, Earth Mama, Life Factory and Green Toys! Good luck on the giveaway and stay tuned for our brand new Shopping Cart Covers, coming very soon!

#ShopwithBebeAuLait Giveaway

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Pregnancy & Newborn

Look in the pages of Pregnancy & Newborn’s August issue for our Premium Cotton Nursing Cover in Montecito, part of the “Good Gear” feature.

Pregnancy & Newborn - August 2016

PregnancyNewborn_201608-mention2BLINK AND YOU’LL MISS IT
Also keep an eye out for a nursing cover in Royale—a vintage Bébé au Lait print—making an appearance in this issue!