Best Dress for Pre and Postnatal Summer Style

Even though the lovely Angelina and Jessica Alba were snapped wearing this fantastic long, sleeveless, caftan dress by Rachel Pally in dove grey and orange, respectively, while pregnant I enjoy it perfectly post-natal (uh, 3 years post-natal). While incredibly long and flowy, it’s made of jersey cotton so you can trim the bottom to be a custom length on you. It’s forgiving, allows you to look amazing with very little effort and is so comfortable–see more about it here in the video.

And ever since Ms. Jolie-Pitt wore the dress, it is generally sold out everywhere except at this really great store online, Shop Rapunzels (great customer service).

Two Hour Vacations, aka the Staycation

It’s a fun new word, the “staycation”. Meaning, gas is ridiculously expensive and so is everything else right now because of it, so what can I do locally for a much-needed break?! The typical vacation can be brutal anyway, the angst and panic that can set it when you plan to take a few days or a week’s vacation. The planning, the packing, the fun-making; it can overwhelm the best of us before you even leave the house. Suddenly the staycation goes from an interesting idea to something you are actually going to do.

Here are some ideas on how to freshen up your routine enough to feel like you’ve had a break without spending too much $$ or time.

(1) Treat yourself to a real manicure, pedicure. Schedule it at a day spa and read a magazine cover-to-cover. It’s okay to tell the nail technician you are there to “zone out” and don’t want to talk. Pick a bright, cheery color and bring your own polish so you can do touch-ups yourself and lengthen the amount of time it lasts.
(2) Consider a vocation-vacation. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a ______? Find one near you and ask them if they would mentor you for a day, a weekend even, and give your dream or curiosity a chance to bubble up to the surface.
(3) Go to a movie by yourself. I do this because a good movie gives my mind a great break from MY life and lets me focus on someone else’s for a few hours, plus I like to see the wardrobe choices on my favorite stars.
(4) Plan a themed dinner party for the friends in your life you want to re-connect with. Do something exotic like a Moroccan themed dinner party—you can learn to cook something new, have fun with festive décor, and remember how nice it is to do something different and laugh a bit. InStyle magazine always has great ideas and so does this site: HostessWithTheMostess
(5) Go to your Farmer’s Market and create a meal around the items you find there. Get the kids involved smelling the herbs, sampling the produce, picking the produce and really relish is the food choices that are abundant right now. Talk to the farmers there about the crops and how to pick the perfect XYZ. They are usually happy to indulge you.


The Anatomy of an Event

I was in NYC this week for Bebe au Lait to talk to the magazines and attending bloggers at a “press junket” of sorts for award winning baby products. I introduced them to the Bebe au Lait Simple line and had great discussions about what it means to be “eco”. It’s not just about buying organic, it’s also about reducing, re-using and recycling. To that end, I emphasized how these nursing covers are being multi-tasked by Bebe-au-Lait-Moms (and Dads!) worldwide: for nursing, pumping, sun shades, blankets and even changing mats. Now that’s eco. One product that does many things and is easily cleaned.

Here are pics from the event in case you ever wondered what it takes to pull this type of thing off. First, product was sent from our warehouse in California to my hotel in NYC where I packed the items into bags for the journalists to pick up at our “booth” (that’s my husband lending a hand, he’s a friend of Bebe). Then we loaded the bags into the boxes so they could be carried the two blocks to the event the next day (again, my husband did this–I carried the flowers and cupcakes). Speaking of cupcakes (those are Red Velvet from Magnolia bakery–perfection), we have found that the attendees at these events get so tired that there’s nothing better than having a sweet respite while listening to our information. Sometimes we call that a bribe :)
The rest of the pictures are the event itself and all of the action. It was really fun to be there to introduce the Simple line and see all of the other fun products now available for moms and babies. The 7 hours flew by and then we packed up, said our goodbyes, and headed home.


Celebration–Fete de Vin 2008

We are 19 employees strong now which sounds small to some, but huge to us! To celebrate and take a well deserved break, Claire and Ronnie (our owners), hosted a wine country tour and tasting. Even though we weren’t all “tasting” per se, the views, the time together and the gorgeous Northern California weather were incredible. Here are some photos to share with you, Savannah-Chanelle was the unofficial favorite. If you’re ever out this way be sure to visit and bring a picnic lunch.