Vegetable Soups

I love vegetables, and have recently begun experimenting with making soups out of them. What is great about soup is that it can be made in large batches. You can eat some for dinner, then freeze the rest. Soup is also great for getting rid of ingredients that are getting old. Lastly, soup can be a healthy and filling dish.

I have made several different soups out of several ingredients. I think after these attempts, I have the process down. Here goes…

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Bebe au Lait Sighting

It was a fine gathering this morning as the Bebe au Lait staff gathered to eat some bagels, drink some coffee, talk about our holidays, and see who won the coveted employee of the month award. As the discussion continued on, we got on the topic of Bebe au Lait sightings.

You see, for Bebe au Lait employees, seeing a Bebe au Lait or Hooter Hiders product outside of work is an exciting experience–even beyond seeing a celebrity in person.

It all started when one of our employees mentioned seeing a mom using an Aero Hooter Hider in one of her college classes.

Others chimed in: “I once saw a mom using a Shrine Aqua at Stanford Shopping Center”. Then our founders mentioned seeing moms using Bebe au Lait covers in a local park. We laughed at the times when we’d so badly want to approach someone using our covers, but then our better judgement reminded us that we probably shouldn’t bother people during this very intimate and precious moment. Instead, we smile and feel proud of what we’ve done as a company and for the breastfeeding moms of the world.

To get a better perspective on where people are using us, we asked our Facebook fans where they’ve seen Bebe au Lait products. The answers were interesting: Cafes, restaurants, at the movies, at church, at family gatherings, even during parades! The blogs provided us with more insight: We’ve read about people using our nursing covers on planes and on vacation, at theme parks, at parties, and so many other places where moms want to be.

The big question on everyone’s mind is….Where do YOU see Bebe au Lait products? We’d love to know!

A Visit From Bob


We’re really lucky to work in a building that is nestled at the bottom of a hill. The view from out of our window is full of trees, making for a peaceful and unusual place to work. It also makes for a perfect playground for our new friend Bob, the bobcat.

Bob sat outside my window last week for a few hours as he thought about how to catch a squirrel or a mouse or perhaps even a leaf that caught the sunlight. He was pretty serious about his stalking, he crept deftly along the ground as the hair behind his ears stood to full attention.

After some serious scientific research and calculation, the office is divided between thinking that he weighs 40 lbs (us) and 20 lbs (them). Let’s just say that Bob is a big ole cat. He did seem really friendly, and at the end of the day, I think he just wanted to lay in the sun for a bit. I can’t really blame him.

I don’t know if bobcats can read, or even if they would read a blog if they could…but if you’re reading this, Bob, you are welcome back anytime. I would have left a snack out for you if I had known you would be here…

Danish Brunch

When our daughter Claudia turned 9 recently, one of her parties (yes, there were a couple)  was a Danish style brunch.

I found a recipe for a Danish omelet that actually comes from the beautiful island my mother-in-law grew up on – Bornholm.  The recipe included radishes – I’ve never been a huge fan (is anyone?), so I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it.  I can happily say that the Bornholm Aeggekager turned out fantastic and there wasn’t a radish left…Of course, none of the kids ate any – they were all about the fresh bread and chocolate slices (Galle & Jessen Pålægschokolade) and Danish pastries, and my saving grace – a lot of fruit.

I didn’t find much help on the web for a Danish Brunch, so if anyone would like more ideas on what we did, or you would like to share yours – get in touch!

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