#shopwithbebeaulait Giveaway & Sneak Peek

We have big news and are celebrating with a BIG GIVEAWAY!

This is an exclusive preview for our soon-to-be-released 3-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover and it’s your chance to win one of them, PLUS all these essential new baby goodies from our friends at Plum Organics, Earth Mama, Life Factory and Green Toys! Good luck on the giveaway and stay tuned for our brand new Shopping Cart Covers, coming very soon!

#ShopwithBebeAuLait Giveaway

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California Summer, Bebe au Lait style

There are a few things we can’t live without this Summer. Here are some of the most important ones:
> Team lunches on the patio on a cool, sunny day
> Margarita Mondays, or Tuesday or, what the heck, Thursdays (usually, happy hour starts at 4pm)
> A Saturday spent at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and it’s sandy beaches
> Sunscreen – lots of sunscreen… + a good book and an oversized floppy straw hat
> Soccer Sundays – if you know us a little you probably know, we are hooked on this team sport
> The 2016 Summer Olympics. We are excited, are you excited?

If your Summer is shaping up to be a busy one, here are a few Bebe au Lait goodies you won’t want to be without

Muslin Car Seat Covers:
Light weight and breathable, with a 360° elastic for a snug fit.


Wet and Dry Bags:
These multi-taskers will help you stay organized and ready for any Summer outing.


Muslin Nursing Scarves:
A scarf so soft and breathable, it can be worn all year round.


Plush Hooded Towels:
They are ultra-absorbant, super cute and sized for years of use – may it be after a dip in the pool or the bathtub.