Mama Monday – Getting back to it!

Losing baby weight….Ugh! In some ways I have had an easier time this go ‘round than with the first baby. To start with I only gained 38 pounds. With the first one I gained, 60! I have almost lost it all except for about 5 more to go but geez, everything is so squishy! Since it takes 9 months to go up, I figure I will be kind to myself and allow 9 months to come down…. So where did the last six months go?

With the thought of “bathing suit weather” and a couple of summer trips,  I am newly inspired to transform squishy to svelte or at least acceptable to frolic in the pool with the girls! Prior to their birth, if I wasn’t feeling my “hottest” I could fake it with wraps, sarongs, and cute cover-ups. I could lay perfectly positioned on the chaise lounge sipping a Mai Tai.. However, now I actually have to get into the pool and play with my girls.

Realistically, I only have three months and am still breastfeeding so no diet yet since personally, I don’t think it’s fair to the babes. So here is my plan:

Step 1: Find a partner in crime – an exercise buddy is essential for making me accountable. (Check!)
Step 2: Find low impact exercises to get things started. I have some residual issues from pregnancy/labor that haven’t allowed me to get back into my regular exercise plans.
Step 3: Do them! (I took a 90 minute yoga class yesterday so check!)
Step 4: Am scheduled to take a Zumba class tomorrow, Tuesday night, with said partner in crime!
Step 5: Continue to eat sensible meals and drink LOTS of H20!

Wish me luck!

One thought on “Mama Monday – Getting back to it!

  1. Weight is slowly coming off because of breastfeeding but yeah, everything is SO squishy!! I still don’t fit into my regular clothes because of the belly. Definitely need to get started on a workout for the summer. Good luck to both of us!

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