Mama Mondays

The girls are sick! For the months of October through April, it seems like every other week you have sneezing, running nose and coughing kids! It’s hard with the baby being sick and sounding so sad with her little cough. My eldest, did the spike in fever all weekend (with the typical spike happening around midnight to 2 am). Poor girls and (can I say it?) poor me? I know that I shouldn’t but I did. I am exhausted and I felt terrible coming to work today but the fevers are gone and the cough will linger for a week or two no matter where I am.

I realized this morning that I had done nothing to try and help ward the sickness from me. The funny thing about being a mama is that you get to “get sick” you just don’t get to “be sick”. So, I down about 6,00 mgs of Vitamin C powder and realized that I should get a tactical plan together to not get sick myself.

This seems to have worked in the past….let me know what you do to keep the kiddo germs away!

  1. Every three hours, 1 scoop of Vitamin C powder
  2. Wash hands every time I get up from my desk
  3. Drink 10-12 glasses of water
  4. My mother in law believes that an herbal supplement, called ColdSnap will knock anything out of you.
  5. Eat double dose of fruits & veggies (especially fruits with antioxidants like blueberries)
  6. Sleep (if you can)

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