Mama Monday – Parenting Under the Weather

It happens about once every “winter” season. Somehow, someway, a cold or flu makes its way into my house.  Last year, it was the flu, and my beautiful daughter was the culprit.  She picked it up at daycare, and whether its because she got her flu shot, or because she’s SuperBaby, she beat it after only a couple days of crankiness and sniffles. But my husband and I got it BAD. Three weeks bad. So bad we had to send that kiddo to the in-laws for a few days because we were too sick to even move bad.  And that almost happened, AGAIN this past week.

This time it was a doozy of a cold– and it hit me and my husband at pretty much the same time. The little lady was unaffected (thank goodness). But the experience reminded me of how difficult parenting and enforcing “the rules” can be when you’re not feeling 100%.

A week of quick and easy meals and allowing our little one to watch TV on weekdays led to a meltdown today when we returned to “normal”– which consists of lots of veggies and no TV (except for weekends). What’s crazy though, is she wasn’t even watching that much TV, and it was only for that one week, but apparently it was enough for her to fully expect to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse upon arrival from daycare, and her shouts of “I WANT MICKEY!!!!!!!” while sprawled out on the floor, complete with stomping feet and rivers of tears were enough to make me want to cry right along with her.

It really is amazing how such a short period of time can influence a child’s perception and expectations, which makes me stress even more about whether I’m getting it right. Is there damage done when you coast for a week on the rules, for whatever reason (in this case, being under the weather?) I know that it’s unrealistic for parents to be 100% on their game, 100% consistent, 100% of the time, but what’s the right mix to strive for?

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