Do you calligraphy yet?


Calligraphy is an art form that takes years and years to fully master, but if you can, it has so many fun uses: invitations, gift wrap, letter writing and so many more.

Some of us at the Bebe au Lait HQ have always had a secret desire to take a class or two, so we recently had a tutor come and give us a 3 hour crash course – learning the very basics of how to hold the pen at the correct angle, how to slide the pen in a downwards motion and ‘swoop’ up to create the beautiful curves that calligraphy is known for. There are so many different forms of calligraphy, but our teacher focused on the basic italicized font to give us a good grounding.

We decorated the conference room with festive ornaments and had a pot luck with everyone sharing their favorite Holiday appetizers and desserts, paired with hot chocolate and the most delicious mulled wine.

We all agreed that it was fun to learn, but much more difficult than it looks! We’ve been putting our new skills to use  by creating our own gift wrap – brown packing paper makes a wonderful base to write on and with a metallic pen, even the most novice of calligraphers can impress!

Try it out for yourself!