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[slideshow id=29] I recently attended a lovely baby shower in honor of my friend who is expecting her first baby (a little girl!) in early May. Old and new friends along with several generations of both the mom- and dad-to-be’s families (who flew in from out of state!) celebrated the occasion with some lively games, a champagne brunch and plenty of “ooohs!” and “awwws” as each gift was revealed.

I guess I’m getting to that age where I’m actually becoming quite a seasoned veteran attendee of baby showers. Though, for as many baby shower games for which I’ve participated, I’ve yet to win! I do have a few favorites, however, that I’d love to share along with a few new ones which I was introduced to last week. If I’ve missed any of your favorites, please feel free to comment with yours!

1. Guess Who? Baby Photo Game. A classic and very appropriate for the occasion. On the invite, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves. As guests arrive, carefully (because some of these photos are priceless!) put them all on display. If there’s a chance not all of your guests know each other, list each name in random order somewhere. Allow guests to write down which baby photo belongs to who. (This is an excellent ice breaker!) After all have been revealed, tally up and announce who got the most right! (And of course, have a token prize the winner. :) ) Supplies: baby photos, tape, pen, paper.

2. Dress Baby. In teams of two, dress a baby doll (diaper and all) with one hand behind your back. A stop watch helps determine the winner. The team to dress their baby the fastest wins! Supplies: 1 baby doll, 1 diaper, baby clothing, stopwatch.

3. Pass the Dirty Diaper. Fill a diaper with partially melted chocolate for good effect. Play as you would musical chairs, only whomever is left holding the dirty diaper when the music stops is out. Last one not holding the dirty diaper wins! Supplies: 1 diaper, partially melted chocolate, music.

4. Memory. Fill a tray with as many baby-related items as possible. Let guests study it for an allotted bit of time before covering and having guests write down as many items as they can remember. The person who remembers the most accurately wins! Supplies: 1 tray, various baby-related items, a blanket or towel to hide the items, paper, pens.

5. Guess the Chocolate. Select various chocolate bars to slightly melt and strategically place in diapers labeled by numbers or letters. Pass each diaper around to allow everyone to “study” (tasting is allowed!) and decide which kind of candy bar is in each one. The person who correctly identifies the most chocolate wins! Supplies: diapers, various chocolate bars (partially melted), papers, pens

6. Make A Baby. Hand everyone a cube of bubblegum (we used Bubblicious) or play dough with a paper plate to sculpt on with instructions to “make a baby” in an allotted amount of time. Display all finished “babies” on the paper plates with artists’ names written on the bottom. Let the mom-to-be decide which wins based on her own criteria. Supplies: bubble gum or play dough, paper plates, pens.

7. Pregnant For A Day. Place chairs in a large semi-circle and ask participants to have a seat. Hand each a balloon and, to those who do not have shoelaces, a 12″ string . Everyone must begin with their “laces” tied in a bow before racing to untie and remove their shoes, blow up their balloons (to a pre-agreed upon size) in order to place beneath their shirt like a pregnant belly — all before replacing their shoes and tying the laces in a bow. This all must be accomplished without any feet lifting from the ground or popping the balloon, grounds for disqualification! Supplies: chairs, balloons, string, scissors.

8. Suggestion Box. Shower attendees are invited to write words of wisdom, advice, encouragement, tricks and tips for the new mom-to-be. Our hostesses thoughtfully provided some pre-cut colorful index cards for us to write on and place in an adorable box which was hand decorated. (See photos for details.)

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