Danish Brunch

When our daughter Claudia turned 9 recently, one of her parties (yes, there were a couple)  was a Danish style brunch.

I found a recipe for a Danish omelet that actually comes from the beautiful island my mother-in-law grew up on – Bornholm.  The recipe included radishes – I’ve never been a huge fan (is anyone?), so I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it.  I can happily say that the Bornholm Aeggekager turned out fantastic and there wasn’t a radish left…Of course, none of the kids ate any – they were all about the fresh bread and chocolate slices (Galle & Jessen Pålægschokolade) and Danish pastries, and my saving grace – a lot of fruit.

I didn’t find much help on the web for a Danish Brunch, so if anyone would like more ideas on what we did, or you would like to share yours – get in touch!

For the Bornholm Aeggekager Recipe…

6 tomatoes

½ cucumber

12 radishes


5 frankfurters

2.5 oz butter (Lurpak of course)

8 large eggs

4 fl oz milk


Slice tomatoes, cucumber and radishes. Chop chives. Slice frankfurters and sauté in ½ oz of butter. Beat eggs and whisk in milk. Season with pepper. Heat remaining butter in non-stick frying pan and pour in egg mixture. Add the sliced frankfurters, cook and stir until set. Season to taste.

Note: I cooked each omelet on just one side until almost set and then I transferred them to an oven proof serving platter and kept them warm in the oven on a very low heat until all 8 individual omelets were ready and then I added all of the remaining raw ingredients and served it up.

It is a very healthy, fresh and different (in a good way) sort of omelet. I hope you enjoy it!

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