Angie Harmon’s Baby Shower Gift

Angie Harmon Nov. 3, 2008

Angie Harmon Nov. 3, 2008

We were so pleased to see (on that our Hooter Hiders by Bebe au Lait cover in one of our most popular unisex prints, Hot Dots, was gifted to Angie Harmon by her friend Amber Valletta over the weekend. She’s due to have her 3rd baby next month. Keeping up with a new baby + 2 young tot’s schedules, as well as her own, will be much easier with this in her bag. And if she chooses not to breastfeed in public with all of the paparazzi bombarding her…she can use it in Hollywood’s 2nd favored-way–as a paparazzi shield over young infants in front-carriers or strollers. Congratulations Angie.

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