Post Baby Style!

I gained a lot of weight with my first daughter, I was put on bed rest for the last two and a half months and lost all will power and boredom took over and I ate. Now, for some reason I thought it would be different than “regular” weight and when the baby come out that the weight would just magically “fall off”.  Did anyone just snort with laughter as they read that? You know where I am going with this – right? So, to my surprise, after she was born – I still had a HUGE stomach and it took a few months for it to eventually come down.  (I also had some other issues with my uterus prolapsing but that is another post).  So, for many months I lived in my maternity tops and stretch pants. Finally, I got sick of looking at myself in stretch pants, I thought about different ways I could complement my new and “working on improving” body.

These are the “must have” staples that I found for my closet:

1). Jeans – yes, I bought 3 sizes up but they didn’t have an elastic waist band…this was huge (pun probably intended)!
2). Hobo and flowing tops – they are/were fortunately in style and there are so many colors/designs, even if hobo isn’t your style you can make it work.
3). Shift dresses – the key is finding one that the neckline is low enough and just wear a cami/undershirt underneath for easier nursing access.
4). Mostly dark colors/black – this is my style by nature to wear mostly black but it definitely helps conceal.

The most important thing to remember is that you have just gone through the best and possibility hardest thing you will ever do. What you wear doesn’t really matter. But if you are like me, when you feel good/you look good and you feel good when you look good! Happy shopping!

Oh, one more thing – clothing swaps are great for this “inbetween” stage too. Plan one with your girlfriends and have them invite one person…make it into a party, you will be surprised how many clothes you can pull together!

Hiding Your Bump at Work?

When to tell the boss that you are pregnant. I read this today and wanted to share it with everyone since this is a tough decision. Here’s some great advice. Follow the link for the full article.

Be up front and professional to avoid being placed on the ‘mommy track’
By Tara Weiss
Thurs., Aug. 7, 2008

Laura Stager couldn’t wait to share with her co-workers the news that she was pregnant. But once she did, a strange thing started happening: People who barely talked to her before the announcement started rubbing her belly; even more uncomfortable, colleagues ask her weekly how much she weighs.

Stager learned the best way to deal with these new realities is to be honest. For the weight question, she replies with something like, “I don’t think you’re supposed to ask that.” As for the touching, she tolerates it from her closest colleagues, but for others, she simply says, “hands off.”

These are the small issues that come with telling the office you’re expecting. But there are larger ones, too. Most co-workers will be thrilled, but some bosses won’t share the excitement, a possibility that causes some pregnant women to conceal their growing stomachs for as long as possible.

Women who worked hard to climb the corporate ladder worry the boss will put them on the “mommy track,” giving them less-challenging projects. This is of particular concern to women who are on a partnership track and need to demonstrate certain skills to advance. Others fear their manager will work them extra hard so they can do as much as possible before taking maternity leave.

But you can’t keep your pregnancy a secret forever, and it’s best to start planning early how you’ll transition to maternity leave. Most experts suggest telling the boss your news after the first trimester, a time when the risk for a miscarriage greatly decreases. The only time to tell the boss sooner would be if you’re experiencing a difficult pregnancy or severe morning sickness, and need to take time off from work. No matter what, tell the boss before other colleagues — it’s a sign of respect.