US Government Says Fight Childhood Obesity with Breastfeeding

Obesity is becoming a more serious problem in the United States and around the world, and many people are beginning to take notice. In the US, our first lady, Michelle Obama has been campaigning against childhood obesity with her “Let’s Move” program. The program aims to eliminate childhood obesity by 2030 by encouraging children to be more active and eat better, but also by ensuring that children have a wider selection of healthy eating choices.

Of course, we all know that obesity is not only a problem for children. Obesity can continue through adulthood where it is the root cause for many life-threatening and painful diseases. Knowing this, the US government has just issued a report with 70 tips for private and public organizations, schools, parents and others that can be used to help fight obesity.

One tip that we’re especially excited about is breastfeeding. The report claims that breastfed children are at a 22% lower risk for obesity, and this effect can continue into adolescence! The report also claims that each month of breastfeeding can reduce a child’s risk of obesity by about 4%. The report also calls for more education about breastfeeding and its benefits, increased assistance for breastfeeding in hospitals and clinics, more community support for breastfeeding mothers, and finally, increased knowledge and support within environments that cater to mothers of young children.

In addition to children benefiting from breastfeeding, many mothers have experienced tremendous weight loss while breastfeeding. In fact, several mothers talked about their experiences losing weight while breastfeeding on our Facebook page.

Modern life has made it easier than ever for children and adults to become obese. Video games, TV, sedentary work, cars, fast food, and hundreds of other factors are contributing to this problem. With so much convenience comes laziness, and when laziness sets in, it’s hard to say no to cheap fast food, an extra hour in front of the TV, or jumping in your car to travel two blocks away. Our own laziness as adults is creating lazy children, and this laziness is creating obese and unhealthy kids and adults. Let’s get things going the right way by breastfeeding as much as we possibly can during our kids’ first years.

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