What’s for dinner Wednesday…Why I love Trader Joe’s

How is it that every night I am surprised by the fact that the day has gone by and it is almost dinner time and I haven’t thought about what I am going to make – does this ever happen to you?

For me, those are the nights that I look into my fridge and sing the praise of Trader Joe’s. How I love this store and all the simple, quick and mostly healthy dinners that feed my family. Not only can I breeze through the aisles and pick up one or two or ten items that will happily feed all the members of my family but also on a budget we can afford!

Turns out, last night was a Trader Joe’s signing night! I looked up and realized it was 5:15 pm and whoops, no dinner in sight! What me worried? Nope, not with my trusty Trader Joe ingredients. I pull out from the freezer, Trader Joe’s Turkey Meatballs (have you ever tried these, not bad at all, not like an Italian Grandmother’s but delish in my opinion). Throw those in the pot with some pasta sauce (we always have red sauce in the pantry); it only takes about 20 minutes. I had picked up some Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta (just to try it out – very good, texture is more like rice than pasta and the three year old loves it). Threw together a quick green salad together, yes, that would be another one of those take the lettuce mix from the box and place on the plate, add veggies if you have them. Final piece, Trader Joe’s now has French Baguettes; they are in the freezer section and perfect to for nights like this.

We were all so hungry last night that I forgot to take a picture, but if you visit a Trader Joe’s near you or pop on their website, they offer all kinds of meal suggestions.

Happy Eating!

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