What’s for dinner Wednesday: Chicken & Mushrooms (kinda)

Before children it could be said that I rarely if ever went to the grocery store. And cooking a meal? Practically unheard of! Then marriage with a baby happened and I found myself reaching for the Betty Crocker cookbook my Grandmother had given me that was 50 years old and falling apart. I’ve made huge strides since, but every once in a while I am reminded of my humble beginnings, especially when we have dinners like we did the other night – harrumph!

I had a craving for chicken and mushrooms! We’d just recently purchased a cast iron pot and it is awesome for cooking any kind of meat and/or veggies in with a touch of olive oil. (As a side note, my husband and I have a running joke that the proper way to care for a cast iron pot includes no scrubbing or dish soap…. I just looked it up on Wikipedia; click here if you want to read more about it!) The plan was to brown three chicken breasts (both sides) on high heat and then bring it down and add the mushrooms. The problem was that the chicken breasts were too large… they browned but were going to take forever to cook! Finally, and this is my favorite part, I just started cutting at the chicken (yes, in the pan)… You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when he came into the kitchen to check on me. As I was sawing away at our dinner, I added the mushrooms and a bit more olive oil and figured I’d let the pan do its thing!

As you may have guessed, it didn’t turn out quite the way I was hoping. All the moisture was gone from the chicken. Fortunately, I’d also made a Trader Joe’s instant risotto so we had chicken and rice bowls for dinner. Actually, I added the chicken and mushrooms to a salad and the husband threw it all into a bowl and added some of the juice from the bottom of the pan. Bless his heart – he claimed that it was delicious. The three year old ate two bites of rice and claimed she was full. I actually did enjoy the chicken on my salad but anything is good with feta cheese and champagne dressing. 😉

Sometimes, it is more about the journey then where you are going.

Have a better chicken and mushroom recipe? I would love to have it!

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