Trust Your Instinct!

When do you start listening to yourself and stop listening to everyone else around you? As a new mom, it’s a hard thing to decipher when you are feeling overwhelmed and like you haven’t got a clue. It seems everyone else has so much more knowledge know-how and everything you do is wrong and if you’re not careful you’re going to permanently damage your new baby. But then you run into one too many moms who tell you everything you should and should not do and how if you don’t do it their way then your baby isn’t going to see its first birthday – or at least that is how you feel! However, as your baby gets older you start to gain a bit more confidence and by the time you have the second you start to feel like you might have the hang of this parenting business! And if you aren’t careful, you turn into one of “those moms” that is telling everyone how to raise their child.

My eldest daughter is 3 years old and the baby is seven months (and just started crawling this weekend – we are in for it now!) and I feel like maybe I have the hang of this parenting thing! This is typically a short-lived feeling as one of them will do something that will leave me so speechless and at a loss for words that I feel like I am back three years ago when my first was a baby… the beauty of parenthood!

Over the weekend, a girlfriend who is a new mom was asking my opinion about a certain issue she was having and I started to tell her how I would do it and I looked at her and I saw myself as an earnest new parent and how all I needed was someone to believe in me and give me the confidence to make those decisions. I turned to her and said, “Just trust your instincts. You will know what is best for your baby!” She smiled at me and nodded her head and I felt like it was the best advice I could have given her!

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