Travel Tuesday – Let them watch or not?

So, we just got a new car this weekend – super exciting! There are so many features and gadgets, I feel like I am sitting at a cockpit in the driver’s seat. They even had a guy there just to give us an overview of the different features in the car – after haggling with the sales guys for three plus hours with both girls in tow; we got the extremely condensed version. I am going to have to find time to read the thick manual or one of the four manuals at least.

One of the features that came with it was a DVD player for the back seat. My husband and I have been debating for the last two days if we are going to let the 3 year old watch movies on it or wait until we go on a longer road trip. I really don’t want to hear her asking to watch a movie EVERYTIME we get in the car, nor do I think it is good for her to get used to it. My husband suggested that we just get educational/learning videos for the car and that she can watch those. At this point, I feel like telling her that it doesn’t work and then it miraculously is fixed when we take a road trip this spring/summer. Does that make me a bad mom?

I would love to hear from other moms what you have done in this kind of situation and if you let them watch or not?

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