Toddler Time – The Things They Say

My little girl just turned 2 a couple weeks ago, and it literally seems like she says something new every day.  Her very first word was “duck”, and since that time she’s acquired a vocabulary that includes many words and phrases but the ones I hear most are usually “mine”, “Mommy” (x100), “I go potty” and “pirates” (can someone tell me where THAT one came from?)

My new favorite thing though, is listening to her sing her favorite songs, including “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. She LOVES to sing, everything from the songs that she’s heard ever since she was born, to something she hears just once on the radio.  In fact, this week she decided that “Piano Man” is her new favorite song, requesting it every time we’ve gotten in the car since. “Mommy, I listen “da dada didda da?” (Glad it’s so easy to download music on your phone now, because I was able to comply almost immediately).

I’ve been inspired to take some of my favorite phrases, mispronunciations and songs of hers and archive them for the future in my scrapbook, where I’ve created a page titled “Harper-isms”. Holding onto these gems for future embarrassment for her no doubt, but also so I can always look back and remember her being this small- because I know it won’t last for long!

What are your favorite words, phrases or songs from your babies?

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  • Amy says:

    I started tweeting my 2 year olds sayings. @my2yearoldsaid. She comes up with the most bizzare things :)

    December 16, 2011 at 1:36 am
    • Amanda C. says:

      LOVE that idea! I followed you on Twitter so I can keep up with your updates. I especially liked “I spilled a Hexagon”, haha- seriously, how do they come up with this stuff? So cute.

      December 16, 2011 at 8:10 am

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