Mama Monday – When did my little girl turn into a princess and when do I get her back?

Are there any other mamas out there that have this feeling? I swear somewhere in the last three months a princess has taken over my almost three year old! I have tried to keep a balance of “girl” toys and “boy” toys and exposed her to all things, not just girly things. For sure, she is more of a girlie girl than a tomboy but all this pretty pink princess business is getting to be a bit much! It’s her third birthday on Friday and I asked her what cake and decorations she wanted. Yes, you guessed it. She told me that she wanted a pink princess cake. I shudder a bit inside and wonder if I am a terrible mom if I do or don’t do it.

I just found out recently that when I was about three years old, my mom received a pink outfit from an aunt and she SENT IT BACK! I can’t and can absolutely believe that she did that, it was the 70’s and she was fighting against the mainstream of society. So, maybe it is something that was taught to me. Why do I fear for my daughter and her love of pink?

Have you read Peggy Orenstein’s book yet? The author that wrote, “Cinderella ate my daughter”. I have been meaning to pick it up to hopefully shed some light on the pretty pink princess take over. Maybe she will have some suggestions on how to respond appropriately. I will follow up with another posting once I do read it.

One of the hardest things that I was absolutely not warned about before becoming a mother is the loads of guilt that you feel for EVERYTHING! I am working on feeling less guilty about it all and recognizing that I do the best I can, most of the time and the girls will eventually “forgive me”, right?

I am going to check out Peggy’s book and in the meantime, her birthday is on Friday. I won’t do the pretty pink decorations but I will lovingly make her a pretty pink princess cake, because for now, she is my princess.

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