Mama Monday – Breathe Deep

How many times throughout the day do you remind yourself to breathe? Lately, I find myself saying it out loud often. One would think that you wouldn’t have to remind yourself to breathe, but surprisingly with a six month old, a three year old (going on 13) and a traveling hubby, I found myself saying it like a mantra this past week. But you know what? When I actually said it and did it, I felt better!

I have tried this technique, if you will, during the meditation part of a yoga class. It’s one of my favorite things about going –the required 10-15 minutes of relaxation. Sure, I typically mentally, write a grocery list or think about posts for this blog or a million other things. But when I remind myself to breathe and literally say to myself “Breathe in…. breathe out…” and focus on my breathing, I actually do relax! So what if my brain is focusing on breathing? At least it’s not, “Do we have enough diapers to get through the week?”

When my three year old gets frustrated (ever had this happen?), I have started telling her to take a deep breath before she tries to move forward with what she is doing. The best part is that she is now telling me to take a deep breath when she sees that I am getting frustrated… Gotta love that! Sometimes it is the little things that you need to be reminded of.

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