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Meet Laura. She is one of my dearest childhood friends.

Me (left) and Laura in my backyard circa 1990

Though we’ve grown apart and come together and grown apart again throughout our middle and high school years and have now carved lives for ourselves in different states, I have had the good fortune of rekindling a friendship with her thanks to Facebook. Though it’s not the same as being there in person, through her status updates, messaging, and photo uploads I’ve been able to follow and support her recent milestones: engagement, marriage, pregnancy and birth of her first baby!

Doesn’t she make the most radiant mama-to-be?

Just last week she became a beautiful, strong mother to Baby Eden.

Laura has always been extremely gifted when it comes to anything arts- and crafts-related. When I was five I was taking my drawing cues from her. As part of Laura’s preparation for Baby Eden she taught herself to knit. Just try telling me you don’t have baby fever after scrolling through these.

How cute are those little booties?! And the little coveralls with the fish buttons?! Her photos just make me melt. Then she had to go and post photos like this below of Baby Eden wearing her knitwear and my heart almost burst from swelling with joy for her and her family.

Congratulations, friend! Yours is one of the richest lives I know. Thank you for sharing it with me and allowing me to forward it on.

For Baby Eden’s birth story you can visit Laura’s blog here. In fact, I encourage you to read it. It is the most eloquent, insightful, beautifully-primitive birth story I’ve ever read.

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