Hanging up my Hooter Hider….For Now

Recently I’ve been counting the days until I’m done nursing and can wear a dress again. I hated that I was limited to two piece outfits only – pant and shirt, short and shirt or skirt and shirt. Seems like such a small thing to miss but I’ve finally started to feel a little limited with my wardrobe. Maybe it ‘s because the pants are still a little tight from the baby weight and the dress seemed like it would hide the excess weight a little better. Whatever the reason, I ‘m looking forward to the end of nursing.

My goal was to nurse my son until he was a year old and switch to regular milk and skip formula altogether. My son is now 14 ½ months and we are down to one feeding a day, typically before bed. We’ve gone back and forth from 1-2 feeds a day for the past two months. It has been a struggle for me because he had surgery right after his first birthday and it seemed mean to not give him what he wanted when he didn’t feel well. Then a couple weeks ago he had a bad cold and he needed the extra snuggles more than the milk, but it also helped him go to sleep faster without a fight from a sick baby.

When I first started weaning I tried to give him a bottle instead of nursing, but he just wasn’t having it. The only thing that worked for him was a sippy cup. The trick that has been working for me so far is changing up our routine before I put him in his crib for a nap. Instead of nursing him, I sit with him in the rocking chair. I offer him his Sippy cup – even though he declines it when he knows it is naptime. Then I either read him a couple of books or I sing him a song as he holds his blankie. Then I lay him in his crib and he takes a nap. I know I just have a few more rough nights of refusing him and we will probably be done.

I think at this at point it is about me struggling to let go of my baby and accept the toddler he has become. I struggle when he looks up at me with his big brown eyes and long eyelashes. He just melts my heart. The only thought that makes it easier to wean my son is the fact that we are planning to have another baby at some point and more importantly I am confident Bebe au Lait will have new fabrics that I will just have to have with the next baby.

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