Halloween Candy Hangover

Last night was the first time my 3 1/2 year old got the “real” experience of trick or treating! Needless to say, she had a great time. I told her when I picked her up from preschool yesterday that she would be allowed to eat as much candy as she wanted tonight. She thought that she had hit the mommy jackpot…little did she know what was to come!

My little sweetie, who I “protect” from sugary and processed foods as much as possible went buckwild and practically ate every piece of candy that got dropped in her bucket.  At the end of the night – we pulled out her little pumpkin bucket and looked at all her goodies. I told her that she had the option to either eat one more piece and she could “donate” the rest and mommy and daddy would buy her a small toy or she could get one piece a day until it was gone. I think this partly worked in my favor because she was so full of candy when I gave her the choice but she also is a sucker for new toys. Luckily, my neighbors are awesome and “treated” with a lot of other items besides candy…my favorite – seaweed & Cliff bars:

and also other items, like pencils, erasers, stickers (what kid doesn’t love them) so she didn’t feel like she wasn’t keeping anything:

This plan was great for all! She was able to trick or treat and eat candy AND we got all the candy out of the office so mommy didn’t eat it for the next week :)…not so lucky for my co-workers who I “donated” the candy too!

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