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Three new babies in my circle of friends. It’s time to shop for them, and for my 3-year old twins at the same time–it’s only efficient to do so, right? When I am preparing a gift for a personal friend, or a client’s, I always look for something with that special touch, something you can’t just pick up easily from a chain store. Of course there’s plenty a new mom needs from those big stores, but I always like to include something extra (and often not on the registry) and a bit unique that I discovered.

My gift formula takes into account what the mom’s lifestyle is like + what’s cool and hip right now + what she registered for + what worked really well for me as a mom and then I wrap it exceptionally well since half of the fun is receiving a gift that looks more like a couture piece of candy.

Here’s a rundown of some fresh ideas.

As we’re on the tail end of potty training (hip, hip, hooray! The “pee pee laser” metaphor is working!), My Wee Friend has been fantastic. It’s a little sticker that goes at the bottom of the mini, plastic potty and a shape/face appears when they go pee on it. The kids can’t wait to see the star show up. And for better, or worse, they like to use this travel potty more than a full-on restroom when we’re out and about.

My kids are just getting into really singing actual as well as made up lyrics to their favorite songs. So, I picked up CDs that include their names in the lyrics from Name Your Tune. American Idol 2020, watch out.
For those of you looking to add a little style to you children’s accessories, this company out of Sweden has some really cool stuff. I love, love their blankets and bibs–something really different but still simple and chic. Like nothing I’ve seen here in the States. It’s worth the international shipping for a special occasion or gift. We just gave some friends the Golden Edition pacifier for their new baby and can’t wait to buy more from Elodie Details.
The kids are getting into their book reading, or at least making up stories to go along with the pictures, these days and we found the perfect way to encourage it. A company called Bodemi sells the Reading Kaboodle and it is perfect for the kids to cuddle up on it with a pile of books and toys. It’s also become our go-to for long car trips, they use it as a blanket and cuddle pillow in their car seats.
My two lived in Robeez until their +6′-parent-genes caught up and their feet got too big. They are one of my go-to gifts for friends having babies because they worked so well for me/mine. I’m sure you’ve seen them before but what I discovered is that they have some larger size runs and crafty new styles like penny loafers and mary janes coming out soon. I gave a pair that look like skateboarding shoes to a friend with a new baby boy. He’s stylin now, can never start too early really.


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